Information for Prospective Egg Recipients at ACRM

Egg Donor Atlanta | ACRMFor many couples, choosing to use donated eggs provides the best option for successful family building. When you choose to enter the Third Party Program, our experienced team of Atlanta fertility doctors, midlevel providers, nurses, and support personnel will guide you, step-by-step, in an individualized manner. Our Third Party team together have over 50 years of cumulative experience working with donor egg recipients. We maintain strict confidentiality and fully comply with the quality guidelines proposed by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. 

Donor Egg Treatment

Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine provides couples with a qualified egg donor though use of our ACRM Egg Bank or in a Fresh Donor Egg cycle.  ACRM is the only infertility practice in Atlanta with a completely in-house Egg Bank.  By our choice, we are not part of a national network of practices that are freezing eggs and then sharing them nationwide.  Instead, every donor with eggs available in our egg bank has been screened here, treated here, had their eggs frozen here, and the eggs remain under our care on site.  We feel that this ensures uniform screening of the highest standard and a more personalized donor matching experience because of our familiarity with every donor we work with. 

This hands on approach to Egg Donor Treatment ensures an egg recipient's selection of  a donor that "matches" characteristics specific to you and your spouse/partner. Our donors are carefully screened before being offered for matching. They undergo an extensive evaluation including fertility testing, infectious disease testing, genetic counseling and genetic testing, and psychological testing.  

Many of the couples ACRM cares for live not only out of state but even outside of our country.  This is not a challenge unfamiliar to our team and we are able to facilitate treatment for these patients in a seamless manner with limited travel to our location. Learn more about our resources for Out of Town Patients.


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