2/16/17 | Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine
In a hard and emotional time of our lives when we felt most discouraged and behind, we found ourselves at ACRM.
2/8/17 | Robin H. Fogle, MD, ACRM
For members of the LGBT community, starting a family is not quite as easy as it is for heterosexual couples. Luckily, the technology and expertise exists to aid LGBT patients in their pursuit of building a family.
2/3/17 | Kathryn C. Calhoun, MD
The Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA), also referred to as an implantation test, analyzes the endometrial “receptivity” on the day of would-be embryo transfer during an IVF cycle.
1/20/17 | Kathryn Calhoun, MD
Find out when & why fertility drugs are used, and the most common types of fertility drugs used in fertility treatment.