3/23/17 | Sue Ellen Carpenter, MD
The menstrual cycle is the result of estrogen and progesterone effects on the uterine lining. Estrogen and progesterone are made each cycle by the ovary in conjunction with the growth and release of an egg. At the end of each cycle, if you are not pregnant, estrogen and progesterone levels are programmed to decline and you will begin to bleed.
2/16/17 | Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine
In a hard and emotional time of our lives when we felt most discouraged and behind, we found ourselves at ACRM.
2/8/17 | Robin H. Fogle, MD, ACRM
For members of the LGBT community, starting a family is not quite as easy as it is for heterosexual couples. Luckily, the technology and expertise exists to aid LGBT patients in their pursuit of building a family.
2/3/17 | Kathryn C. Calhoun, MD
The Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA), also referred to as an implantation test, analyzes the endometrial “receptivity” on the day of would-be embryo transfer during an IVF cycle.