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With IVF infertility treatment, it is possible that multiple eggs will be retrieved. To limit the risk of multiple gestation, it may be advantageous to store excess embryos through cryopreservation, also known as egg freezing. If conception does not result from the "fresh" treatment cycle, the stored embryos can be thawed and transferred to the patient during a subsequent cycle without her having to undergo ovulation induction and egg retrieval again.

For many years freezing of fertilized eggs has been a routine part of IVF treatments. New developments in freezing technology however make unfertilized egg freezing a practical option for the first time, and we are now offering it as an option for those needing donor eggs or wishing to freeze their own eggs.  

Recently reported research has indicated that the method of freezing called vitrification is associated with high rates of survival at thaw and normal fertilization, implantation, and pregnancy rates. Cycles using thawed eggs from egg donors report an 85% survival rate, a 65% fertilization rate, and a 40% implantation rate, producing a 66% ongoing pregnancy or delivery rate from an average of 7.7 eggs thawed per cycle attempt.   

Egg Freezing in Atlanta

Here at ACRM we have been researching egg freezing in Atlanta by vitrification with eggs that were either immature or failed to fertilize.  We have frozen and thawed a large number of human eggs so far, and almost all have survived the process.  We have also established ongoing pregnancies with thawed donor eggs.

Egg Freezing Atlanta GA

                Metaphase II (Mature) Egg


Information about Egg Freezing for Fertility Preservation

We are also offering women the option to freeze their own eggs for fertility preservation.  This is often considered by women facing radiation or chemotherapy treatments for cancer, or by those without a partner but for whom advancing age could become a problem for future conception.

Egg freezing is performed in the context of an IVF cycle in which egg growth is stimulated and then eggs are retrieved.  Please consult one of our IVF Financial Account Representatives regarding the cost of egg freezing treatment. 

Eggs can also be frozen as part of routine IVF for patients with many eggs and concerned about surplus frozen embryos.  With this approach, the eggs can be used later with their partner's sperm or simply discarded if not needed.  This avoids a common ethical predicament of what to do with surplus embryos when your family building efforts are complete.  Charges for adding egg freezing to a routine IVF cycle can be discussed with our IVF Financial Account Representative.